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Boat Cruises
Site:Historical sights&suburbs of Saint-Petersburg

The uniqueness and charm of Saint-Petersburg architecture could be fully estimated only when you take the boat cruise along the city's rivers and canals. During the years of its foundation Saint-Petersburg was located on 100 islands, later many of the islands were connected but now still the "Venice of the North" is based on 41 islands, surrounded by 93 rivers and canals with about 300 bridges thrown over. Rivers and canals of Saint-Petersburg are truly considered to be the historical landmarks of the city, the River Neva, Moika and Fontanka Rivers, Griboedova Canal - these are the routes of the city water cruises on cutters and motorships. There are many different routes starting from different moorages. If you begin your water voyage from the Fontanka River to the Staro-Kalinkin Bridge you see great number of 18-19th century mansions including five-dome Troitsky Cathedral created by famous Russian architect V.Stasov. They say that the great Russian writer Fedor Dostoevsky got married here. Making a turn your cruise boat passes the Smejni Bridge and heads for the Nickolsky Cathedral and the New Holland island. Then the cutter takes the Moika River towards the Saint-Isaak's Square and the Mariinsky Palace, passes the Nevsky Prospect, the Palace Square, the Hermitage Museum and many other historical sights. Besides canal tours we recommend you to order one of the water cruises along the River Neva which gives a unique possibility to admire the splendour of architecture and feel the spirit of Saint-Petrsburg. There is also an option to visit the town of fountains Peterhof, Kronshtadt Fotress, forts in the Finnish Gulf by taking a high speed (up to 60km/h) comfortable motorship "Meteor" called "rocket" by locals.
Map of St.Petersburg

Tour programme:personal guide, tickets, private excursion, lunch (optional)
Price:starts from 25 USD per person (depends on the season and number of pax)
Tour duration:from 1 to 4,5 hours
Your benefits:variety of best cruises
Options:be sure that we'll enhance your tour programme with any element upon your request