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Kazan Cathedral
Years of construction:1801 - 1811
Attraction status:The Orthodox Church, Museum
Operating time:everyday from 12:00 till 17:30
The architect:A. Voronihin
Site:Historical center of Saint-Petersburg

The Kazan Cathedral was raised according to the project of Russian architect Andrei Voronihin in that spot of Nevsky Prospect were small modest Church of Mother of God was located. That church saved one of the major Saint-Petersburg shrines - the wonder-working icon of Kazan Mother of God. The Kazan Cathedral was constructed by the order of emperor Pavel I to save that special icon and to surve as a main cathedral church of Saint-Petersburg. According to the emperor's wish the Cathedral looks alike the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The vivid prove of the fact is the one dome architecture of the Cathedral and the presence of the open colonnade which is unusual for the orthdox churches of the Moscow period. Thousands of talanted bricklayers, lapidaries, blacksmiths were involved in the operation, the materials used for the cathedral were local or brougth from finn Karelia, the working conditions were extremely tough because no technical mechanisms have been used. Nevertheless in 10 years the construction of the biggest church of Saint-Petersburg of the time was completed, its height was 71,5 metres. The outstanding monument of the Russian architecture - the Kazan Cathedral - has unique inner and outer colomns carved from the huge granite monolits each weighting up to 30 tonnes. The Kazan Cathedral also memorises the military triumph of Russia in war against Napoleon France by placing in front of it statues of Russian commanders Kutuzov and Barklay de Tolly. The Cathedral always played a great role in the city's life, its history is closely connected with Romanov's dynasty and the history of Russia. From 1932 till 1992 the Kazan Cathedral was closed to public, but in 1998 its was consecrated for the second time and now it is the main orthodox church of Saint-Petersburg.
Map of St.Petersburg
25, Nevsky Prospect
+7 (812) 570-45-28

Tour programme:personal guide, tickets, private excursion, transfer (optional)
Price:starts from 50 USD per person (depends on the season and number of pax)
Tour duration:2 hours
Options:be sure that we'll enhance your tour programme with any element upon your request