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Mariinsky Theatre
Years of construction:1860
Attraction status:Theatre and Concert Hall
The architect:Victor Shroeter
Site:Historical center of Saint-Petersburg

The Mariinsky Theatre begins its history from the Carousel Square where in 18-th century theatricalised horse shows were held to amuse the court society of Queen Catherine II. Later on Catherine the Great ordered to built the Bolshoi Theatre on the site of nowaday Conservatory and The Bolshoi Theatre was stately opened in 1783. The surrounding area was named the Theatre Square. 10 years later the building of the circus opposite the Bolshoi Theatre burnt down and after reconstruction was reopened already as The Mariinsky Theatre named after emperor Alexander II?s wife Maria. In 19-th century the building of Mariinsky was 2 times reconstructed, spaces of the thetre were widened but its dazzling decor remained almost unchanged to present day. Amazing white sculptures, blue drapings and upholstery and the bright gilt creates unusual coloured picture of the Mariinsky?s interior. The painted Italianate ceiling and a huge bronze chandelier complete the magnificient decor of the theatre. An emblem of the Mariinsky Theatre - the unique curtain was designed in 1914 and has got its blue colour scheme in 1952 by the famous russian artists Simon Virsaladze and Mikhail Zandin. During the Second World War the theatre building suffered intense artillery shelling but was fastly restored before the end of the war, in 1944. In the 1960?s, the Mariinsky Theatre was reconstructed to improve the condition of the foundations, the stage machinery, also an innovative rising floor and other technical improvements were amended. Now the Mariinsky Theatre is considered to be one the finest and asked-for theatres in Europe and is famous by its opera and ballet shows and theatrical performances.
Map of St.Petersburg
1, Theatre Square
+7 (812) 326-41-41

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