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State Academic Capella
Years of construction:1886-1889
Attraction status:Musical and Educational Center
The architect:Leontiy Benua
Site:Historical center of Saint-petersburg

The State Academic Capella is the oldest Russian professional musical establishment, its activities determined the foundation and the development of the Russian musical culture during last couple of centuries. Here for the first time sequentially appeared many major trends of musical exsecution and education. It all started in 1479 with organization of the chorus of Tzar's Singing Prince's Scribes which was renamed in 1701 to the Court Chorus and finally in 1763 named the Emperor Court Singing Capella. In 1738 the emperor order established for the needs of the Capella the first professional musical school, then in 1740 the other emperor order assigned for young students the obligational education in using the orchestra musical instruments. That educational course was many times cut until the 19th century. In 1846 regent classes opened, then in 1882 the Court Musical Chorus appeared in Capella - that was the first Russian symphonic orchestra. In 1884 the educational process has been added by conservatory programmes, graduaters were receiving diplomas of higher education. The Emperor Capella is known by its outstanding students and teachers like italian composers Galuppi, Traetta, Paizello, Sarti, Russian ones like Rimsky-Korsakov, Lyadov, Arensky etc. With the help of those great musical personalities the Emperor Court Capella became the unique and the only in the world at the time musical art and educational center combining the educational classes with the concert activities. After 1917 the organizational structure of the Capella was destroyed, regent classes were stopped, the chorus, the symphonic orchestra and the school were legally separated. Nowadays with the help of the Russian leaders and Saint-Petersburg City Hall the the restoration process started, from 1991 the symphonic orchestra is back to the Capella, the historical organization structure is restorated too, besides that fresh musical trends are implemented as well.
Map of St.Petersburg
20, the Moika River Embankment
+7 (812) 314-10-58

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