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Mikhailovsky Theatre
Years of construction:1833
Attraction status:drama and opera&ballet theatre, concert hall
The architect:Alexander Brullov
Site:Historical center of Saint-Petersburg

Designed by famous Russian architect Alexander Brullov Mikhailovsky theatre opened it's curtains for the first time on November 8, 1833 on the name day of brother of emperor Alexander I, Grand duke Mikhail. That year the French troupe of Alexandrinsky theatre moved to Mikhailovsky and the 85 year history of French Theatre and House of French Culture has began. In 1859 the interiors were redisgned by Alberto Cavos, Mikhailovsky increased it's capacity, in the end of XIXth century they often named the theatre as Russian-French opera&ballet theatre. Those days were marked by brilliant performances of famous dancer Mathilde Kschessinska, great opera singers like Fedor Chaliapin, Medea and Nicholas Finger. From 1918 the soviet period of Mikhailovsky history has started, the opera and ballet troupes were formed, the theatre itself gained an independent status, and in 1933 it was named Maly Ballet theatre. During that period outstanding works of F. Lopukhov, L. Jacobson and P. Gusev, Y. Grigorovich and B. Eifman, N. Dolgushin and K. Boyarsky were staged. In 1989 the theatre was renamed to M. Mussorgsky Maly Opera and Ballet Theatre, and in 2001 Mikhailovsky's got its original name back. Under leadership&sponsorship of V. Kekhman repair works were initiated and implemented, famous artists and repetiteurs like E. Obraztsova, F. Ruzimatov, M. Messerer, P. Feranec, N. Dolgushin, A. Osipenko worked on theatre stages. Nowadays repertoire of Mikhailovsky features classical masterpieces of Russian and European musical theatre trends, opera&ballet works of XIX - XX centuries and different shows for kids.
Map of St.Petersburg
1, Arts Square
+7 (812) 595-43-05

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Price:starts from 45 USD per person (depends on the show&season)
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