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Years of construction:1802-1839
Attraction status:State Classical Music&Opera Hall
The architect:P.Jacot, C.Rossi, F.Rastrelli
Site:Historical center of Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg Philharmonia includes 2 major halls - the Big Hall and the Glinka's Hall - occuping two marvelous buildings on Nevsky Prospect and Mihailovskaya street. The Big Hall was built in 1839 by famous arhitects P.Jacot and C.Rossi as a Council of Nobles of Saint-Petersburg. The hall with perfect acoustics for more than 1500 seats from the 40's of the 19-th century played the main role in musical life of Saint-Petersburg, many famous musicians of the century like List, Vagner, Shumann performed here. Also different classical music compositions of Russian composes like Borodin, Musorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov were premiered at the Big Hall. In 1921 Philharmonia was stately opened, the Symphonic Orchestra managed by the great Russian conductor E.Mravinsky was named as a main executing orchestra. Philharmonia expanded its multilateral concert, educational and publishing activities which were supported by organizing its own library. Many astonishing careers started here, in 1926 the First Sympony of Dmitry Shostakovich had a premiere in Philharmonia, lately Shostakovich made premieres of all of his syphonies here and now the Big Hall of Philharmonia is proudly named after this great Russian composer. The Glinka's Hall building was created in 18-th century by talanted italian architect F.Rastrelli. In 1802 the first in Europe Philharmonic Society started its concerts in that hall, costumed balls and carnivals were held here, later on the central place in musical activities of the Glinka's Hall was taken by anniversary concerts. In 1949 it was pompously presented to public as Maly or Chamber Hall of Philharmonia. Now Philharmonia has the two absolutely the best academic halls of Saint-Petersburg where Russian and foreign classical music and opera premieres are held and also international music festivals and youth concerts are performed.
Map of St.Petersburg
2, Mihailovskaya street (Big Hall), 30 Nevsky Prospect (Glinka's Hall)

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