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Peter and Paul Fortress
Years of construction:1712 - 1732
Attraction status:State Museum
Operating time:Thursdays-Tuesdays from 11:00 till 17:00, closed on Wednesdays
The architect:Domeniko Trezini
Site:Historical center of Saint-Petersburg

The Peter and Paul Fortress holds the primary position in the historical center, it is considered to be the symbol of Saint-Petersburg. The place for the fortress on the small island in the outfall of the River Neva was personally chosen by first Russian emperor Peter the Great during the North War between Russia and Sweden in 1703. The fortress corresponds the six-point star citadel designed by the French engineer J.-G.Lambert with direct participation of emperor Peter I. Six curtains connect six powerful bastions named after Peter I's associates, the defensive circuit from west to east is closed by Ioann's and Alexei's ravelins, also two bridges connect the Zaichiy and Petrogradsky islands. On June 29 1703 small wooden church was built and it's got the name of Peter&Paul saints - that day is known as the Foundation Day of the city of Saint-Petersburg. In 1712 - 1732 famous italian architect D.Trezini completed the construction of the stone cathedral during which the earth walls of the fortress were substituted by the brick ones, besides that by the 1780 the walls reversed to the River Neva were dressed in granite. From 1731 till 1858 the Peter&Paul Cathedral had a status of the main cathedral church of the capital and then was attached to the tzar court. It served as a burial vault for the Romanov's family, Russian emperors from Peter I to Nickolai II are buried here, the exception was made only with emperors Peter II and Ioann VI. The burial vault is connected with the cathedral by the sheltered gallery. During 18th - 19th centuries different buildings were built inside the fortress for different purposes: the Botniy House, the Artillery Armoury, the Russian Mint, the Commandant and Engineering Houses, the Guardroom and others. From 18th till the end of 19th century the Peter&Paul Fortress was known as a state prison for political criminals. Only partially in 1924 and then fully in 1954 the complex of buildings of the Peter&Paul fortress was handed over to the State Museum of History of Saint-Petersburg. Nowadays many objects in the fortress like the Commandant House, the Trubetskoi Bastion and the cathedral of Saint Peter&Paul are worth visiting.
Map of St.Petersburg
3, Peter&Paul Fortress
+7 (812) 230-64-31

Tour programme:personal guide, tickets, private excursion, transfer (optional)
Price:starts from 50 USD per person (depends on the season and number of pax)
Tour duration:2 hours
Options:be sure that we'll enhance your tour programme with any element upon your request