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Cuisine:Russian, Italian
Good for:extreme party&dance
Opening hours:Mon-Tues 12:00-00:00, Wedns-Fri 12:00-04:00, Sat-Sun 15:00-04:00
Price range:$40-60, entrance fee after midnight
Site:Historical center of Saint-Petersburg

The history of the XXXX Bar started in 1999 when half-sheltered tent cafe was opened at the ski resort in Korobitsino, suburb of Saint-Petersburg. Twice a year the XXXX Bar was changing its location: in summer time guests were invited to the City Yacht Club or to the one of the landing stages on Fontanka River, in winters it stayed at the ski resort. 5 years later the first stationery bar opened on Zhdanovskaya embankment and became the object rumours and legends: people met there, fell in love, danced till one drops, lost their wallets, Russia's top secret papers, had no shame, but found new partners, passion and the condition of non-stop happiness. In a year the second The Bar XXXX II was opened on Sovetskaya street and repeated the destiny of the first 4X - full houses, high life of Saint-Petersburg business society, dances on the top the of the bar desk, tables and chairs and absolutely no rules in having fun&party. In 2008 the main Night Life Award was presented to the XXXX Bars as the Best Club Project of the Year. The XXXX Bars are considered to be an outlet from the city's glossy establishments, the 4X chain of bars is known for its unified party format, rules of decoration, constantly cheerful staff, unique atmosphere, extention menu and list of cocktails&drinks. You could get in through the face control and dress code.
Map of St.Petersburg
9/11, Zvenigorodskaya street
+7 (812) 907-90-71

Tour programme:transfer to and from the club, personal guide (optional), vip transfer (optional)
Price:starts from 40 USD (transfer from/to the hotel)
Your benefits:advice on the best time to visit, welcome cocktail
Options:be sure that we'll enhance your tour programme with any element upon your request