Your benefits

Offering guided tours to Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Petersburg Sky Concierge team is first of all thinking about overall comfort of its guests. To create this comfort we always put ourselves to the place of the most hard-to-please guest who needs very special attention. This way we figured out the list of benefits for foreign guests visiting Saint-Petersburg. Sky Concierge benefits can be divided in 4 groups: attraction spheres, pricing, comfort and time saving. 

All attraction spheres
When planing visit to an interesting city you often try to pinpoint the attraction sphere that might be the most curious for you. Considering that Saint-Petersburg is famous for its variety of sites to see we offer our visitors all possible attraction fields: museum&theatre tours, city&suburb tours, bars&restaurants and night life tours

Low price
Visiting our website you will understand that we make the pricing openly, not hiding any fees. You can also compare our competitive prices to other companies on market offering similar tour programmes.

Full comfort
Speaking about guided tours to Saint-Petersburg we defined your conception of comfort - once you arrive we think for you all the details of your staying. Using intimate knowledge of Saint-Petersburg Sky Concierge professional team provides you with the full range of tour services and makes each tour customized for you.

Time saving
Saint-Petersburg is one of the most interesting cities of the world, known for its wide range of attractions. That's why it is rather difficult to make a list of attractions you would like to visit within your short visit. To save your time Sky Concierge carefully plans your tour so that you will see the maximum possible amount of sites with the most comfortable speed. 

With the help of our website you will also discover all the necessary information you need once planning the tour to the "Venice of the North":

  • You will get the historical and nowaday discription of Saint-Petersburg in About Saint-Petersburg chapter.
  • Using our knowledge and your budget desires we'll find the best apartment or hotel rooms for you to stay in. 
  • Ordering tours with us you will get live phone support during your staying. 
  • To save your time and with the help of our experienced drivers we are happy to offer transfers from and to the airport, organize city transportation with the vehicles you choose, drive you to the attractions and suburbs of Saint-Petersburg.

Petersburg Sky Concierge is one of the most asked-for companies in the market of organizing and managing guided tours. We provide you, your family and your friends with outstanding and unforgettable tours to Saint-Petersburg!